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Compare the 2019 Ford Super Duty® With the 2019 Sierra 2500

The 2019 Super Duty® Has a Maximum Payload of 4,270 Lbs.*

Sierra 2500HD Only Has 3,276 Lbs.

The 2019 Super Duty® Has a Maximum Towing Capacity of 18,000 Lbs.*

Sierra 2500HD Can Only Tow 14,500 Lbs.

The 6.7L Power Stroke® Turbo Diesel Engine in the 2019 Super Duty® Has More Torque and Horsepower Than Sierra 2500HD

If You’re Hauling a Big Trailer, You Need Plenty of Torque When Taking Off From a Stop

The 2019 Super Duty® Offers Class-Exclusive Available Trailer Reverse Guidance*

Trailer Reverse Guidance Helps Enhance Visibility Via Cameras in the Sideview Mirrors and Visual Guides in the Center Dash Screen**

Things like this make us better.


The class-exclusive* integrated tailgate step makes it easier to access all of the payload the Super Duty® can carry. The step and handle are stowed inside the tailgate and can be easily accessed when needed.


Optional cameras* enhance visibility for on-site tasks. Among them: High-definition 180/360-degree cameras displaying all sides of the truck. Class-exclusive** Trailer Reverse Guidance with visual guides along both sides for an enhanced view of where the trailer is going.


Working after the sun sets is no problem with available LED lamps in the pickup box. LED lighting is intense, durable and efficient.

Compare the Results

All these smart features make Ford the clear choice.

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