Working Together to Rebuild Louisiana.

Louisiana is our home too. Which is why all of us at Ford Motor Company are committed to helping our family of dealers, customers and Louisianians restore their lives. And to help those with lost or damaged vehicles as a result of Hurricane Laura, we’re offering you the same pricing as our Ford family of employees.* It’s another way we’re helping Louisianians get back on their feet. After all, we’re all family.

Our Program Options

If You’ve Been Affected, We Are Offering You the Same Pricing as Our Ford Family of Employees.

If you have proof of loss or damage to your vehicle, we’re offering you the same vehicle pricing Ford employees get, in addition to all available public offers. If you have any questions, call your dealer or our Customer Relationship Center at 1-800-392-3673.

Customer Questions and Concerns

Question: My vehicle is totaled. What do I do?

Answer: If you live in the affected area and have suffered damage or a total loss of your vehicle as a result of the hurricane that took place on 8/26/20, the first step is to obtain a claim form from your insurance company. Upon presenting the insurance claim form to your dealer, your dealer can then price the vehicle at the special Ford Employee/Family of Employees rate shown on the invoice and add available incentives. The dealer must also keep a copy of the insurance claim in the deal jacket.