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Compare the 2019 Ford Escape With the 2019 Toyota RAV4

Escape Offers Available Enhanced Active Park Assist

RAV4 Can’t Say the Same

The Available 2.0L EcoBoost® Engine in Escape Delivers up to 245 Horsepower*

RAV4 Has a Maximum Rating of Only 203 Horsepower

The 2019 Escape Can Be Equipped With the Available Intelligent 4WD System

Get Enhanced Control in a Variety of Conditions – From Snow-Covered to Rain-Slicked Roads

The 2019 Escape Received an Overall 5-Star Crash Safety Rating From NHTSA*

Another Reason Escape Helps You Drive With Confidence

Ford SUVs Have the Highest Brand Loyalty in the Industry*

Toyota Can’t Say the Same

Over 98 Percent of All Escape SUVs Sold in the Last 10 Years Are Still on the Road Today*

Escape SUVs Are Built for the Long Run

The 2019 Escape Offers Ford+Alexa

Bringing the Amazing Capabilities of Amazon Alexa from Your Home to the Road*

Things like this make us better.

Available Adaptive Cruise Control and Forward Collision Warning with Brake Support

Take cruise control to another level. 2018 Escape shown.

Available BLIS® with Cross-Traffic Alert

Be alerted to vehicles in your blind spot.

Available Enhanced Active Park Assist

Available Enhanced Active Park Assist makes parking incredibly easy. 2018 Escape shown.

Compare the Results

All these smart features make Ford the clear choice.

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