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The Power of EcoBoost®

Performance Without Compromise

Nothing makes drivers feel more confident behind the wheel than knowing they have the power to perfo ... more

Turbocharged Performance

Energy from the EcoBoost engine exhaust that would otherwise be wasted rotates a turbine. The turbine is coupled to a compressor that pressurizes incoming air into the combustion chambers, generating a virtually instantaneous surge of on-demand power, significantly increasing output per liter.

The Force of Torque

Torque — it’s the brawn, the force produced when you hit the gas. Making that movement work precisely, producing peak power and responsiveness, is the science that made Ford EcoBoost one of the most power-dense engines on the planet.

Direct Fuel Injection

Injecting highly pressurized fuel directly into the combustion chamber of each cylinder allows the kind of precision that makes EcoBoost engines perform efficiently with improved fuel economy and emissions. And who doesn’t want that?

Available on Ford Models:

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