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Intelligent All-Wheel Drive (AWD)

Connect to the Road

Connect to the Road Connect to the Road Connect to the Road

Intelligent AWD

The available Intelligent All-Wheel Drive (AWD) is just that – smart. Using sensors, it calculates r ... more

Intelligent 4WD

The available Intelligent 4WD offers all the smart technology of Intelligent AWD but for more rugged terrain. Sensors automatically and instantly respond to wheelslip on off-road surfaces such as rocks, mud and grass or snow, adjusting torque and power to the wheels. This helps prevent slippage and adds a nice boost of driving confidence.

4-Wheel Drive

Extraordinary terrain requires extraordinary 4WD, and Ford F-Series pickups are ready to take on tough roads with the available electronic shift-on-the-fly. At the turn of a knob, drivers choose one of three modes – 2H (High) for normal operation, 4H (High) for off-road or winter driving and 4L (Low) when off-road requires a little more power, or when it’s time to take the boat out of the water.

Terrain Management System

Included in the available Intelligent 4WD System for Explorer, the Terrain Management SystemTM offers five modes to select on the fly, adjusting the ride to the conditions. Normal mode is for everyday driving on normal road conditions. Mud/Ruts mode is for softer encounters like mud or uneven terrain. Sand mode maximizes torque to keep wheels spinning to get through soft dry sand or deep gravel. Snow/Gravel/Grass mode is used to gain traction on firm surfaces covered with loose material. Hill Descent ControlTM lets the driver navigate down steep hills without overly using the brakes and causing wear on the brake pads.

Available on Ford Models:

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